World Congress on Pharmaceutical Research and Toxicology

(USF Pharmaceutical Research 2024)

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Latest Revolution in Pharmaceutical Research and Challenges In Toxicology

Keynote Speaker
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS)
  • Associate Partner of UNESCO
  • Founder and Director General of the Estonian Drug Regulatory Authority
Keynote Speaker
  • Emeritus Professor of Paris-Cité University, France
  • Chairman of The Drug Committee of Assistance Publique of Paris Hospitals
  • Head of Drug Evaluation Department In The French Regulatory Agency
  • 250 Scientific Publications
  • Head of Pharmacology Department, Pitiè-Salpêtrière Hospital In Paris

The keynote speaker could be considered the main attraction, the headliner, or the star of an event. A keynote speech serves as a powerful tool for setting the tone and capturing the attention of an audience. It is designed to convey a central message or idea that can inspire, motivate, or inform the listeners. The purpose of a keynote speech is to spark curiosity, stimulate discussion, and create a lasting impact on the audience. Keynote presentations are typically given by distinguished speakers who are experts in their field or have significant influence or expertise in the topic being discussed. With the power to influence, energize, ignite, and even empower an audience, an impactful keynote speech has the potential to make or break an event’s success.

We are excited to announce that keynote presentation by distinguished and reputed highly affiliated keynote speaker's, "Dr Lembit Rägo" and "Dr. Philippe Lechat".

Keynote Speaker Bio: "Dr Lembit Rägo is affiliated World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters, Geneva, as Coordinator of Quality Assurance and Safety: Medicines (QSM) team which included activities related to International Nonproprietary Names (INNs), Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Support, Fighting Falsified Medicines and Prequalification of Medicines. During 2000/2001 Dr Rägo laid the foundations for the World Health Organization (WHO) Prequalification of Medicines Programme and has continued to contribute to its development ever since. From 2002, he was the main organizer of WHO biennial International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities (ICDRA) bringing together regulators from around 100 countries all over the World. From September 2013, Dr Rägo served as the Head of WHO’s Regulation of Medicines and Other Health Technologies unit.

He is well known to many senior regulators in all parts of the World, frequent speaker in different international fora and has numerous publications including on several aspects of regulatory affairs."

Speech Title: Real World Data and Real World Evidence in Regulatory Decision Making

Keynote Speaker Bio: "Dr. Philippe Lechat" is Emeritus Professor of Paris-Cité University, France, Chairman of The Drug Committee of Assistance Publique of Paris Hospitals, Head of Drug Evaluation Department In The French Regulatory Agency, Had Published more than 250 Scientific Publications, Head of Pharmacology Department, Pitiè-Salpêtrière Hospital In Paris. With a wealth of experience in Pharmaceutical research, he brings a unique perspective that will undoubtedly enrich our conference."

Speech Title: Exposure Ratio Between Generic And Reference Drugs During Bioequivalence Studies

The keynote presentation promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking experience for all attendees.

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Michel Bourin


Daisson Jose Trevisol


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Organizing Team of Eminent Experts

An academic scientific conference is an event for researchers, professors and academicians to present and explore their research work. 

United Scientific Forum delighted to announce and conducting such an event, World Congress on Pharmaceutical Research and Toxicology at Geneva, Switzerland during May 30-31, 2024.

USF Pharmaceutical Research Conference brings eminent scientists together and provides one of the most timely means for disseminating of new practices and research findings. It provides the opportunity to get global recognition of your work and together to review, your research work and possibly suggest alterations or improvements. In addition, Scientific conference is a great platform for networking opportunities, keeping up with scientific research, and seeking collaborations. As this event is gathering various countries delegates across the world together, it will help to establish research and business relations for future collaborations.

USF Pharmaceutical Research  Conference covers all important aspects of Pharmaceutical Research topics such as but not limited to biological, drugs and vaccines, including their design, manufacture, and evaluation. 

The theme of the conference is: Latest Revolution in Pharmaceutical Research and Challenges In Toxicology    

This event comprises keynote speech, many oral presentations, poster presentations, interactive sessions, exhibitions, plenary sessions, with its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for industry researchers and all participants. Scientific conferences are an important part of career growth either individual or an organization. Presenting your work is a great way of attracting collaborators and sponsors. 

USF Pharmaceutical Research  aims to strengthen the participants action and an impact on national, regional and international scales through a multidisciplinary program that features the latest successful. This assemblage offers the field to worldwide analysts, educators, specialists, researchers, scientific skills, understudies, business representatives and vernal analysts over the world to voice their assessment disclosures all over the globe. We hope that USF Pharmaceutical Research Conference outcome will lead to significant contributions to the knowledge base within the scope of this scientific field up to the date. The importance of conferences in scientific areas is testified by quantitative indicators.  

This intensive program runs across two days and features a range of international, interstate and veteran speakers probing facts in Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Development in this event. We hope that you will be a part of this exciting event to promote, sharing of ideas, learn the best practices, as well as innovative strategies and an unremitting commitment to deliver the Pharmaceutical Research. 

Your attendance should be a rewarding experience, and we look forward to welcoming you in Geneva, Switzerland

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USF Pharmaceutical Research 2024



Mark the Date and Venue

May 30-31, 2024

Crowne Plaza an IHG Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is a city in Switzerland that lies at the southern tip of expansive Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). Surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains, the city has views of dramatic Mont Blanc. Headquarters of Europe’s United Nations and the Red Cross, it’s a global hub for diplomacy and banking. French influence is widespread, from the language to gastronomy and bohemian districts like Carouge